Hi.  My name is Scott Couchman.  I would like to be a novelist!  By this, I don’t mean I am writing a novel, or I’ve written one, I just don’t have an agent or publisher yet.  I mean, I can walk into Borders or Vromans and see my book on the shelf.  I can secretly rearrange the face outs of the books, so my book gets face time.  I can put my book on my shelf and be impressed with that big publishing house’s logo for it on the spine.

Then I can do it all again with the next book.

Currently, I have written a pair of books to completion, and while at first I thought it was the most horrible bit of prose to hit a page, a couple of years later, I look at the first novel and think, this isn’t so bad.  With some heavy rewriting, I may get somewhere with it.  It is definitely better than some of the crap I’ve read.

So now, I am on the path to rebuilding that novel and shopping it out to agents. I figured I would track my progress to my invisible masses of fans 🙂 with this public diary.  To keep in the habit of writing little bits, I’m not limiting the site to just my writing journeys, because there are times I want to just scream to the world about this and that or tell about this great link or program I found, etc.

So I hope you enjoy the blog, and when it comes out, I hope you’ll buy my book!


Scott F. Couchman

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