From Dream to Published Novel

Less than 24 hours to Nanowrimo

And I pulled a stupid stunt. The story I had pretty well mapped out about a month ago, just didn’t have that spark.  So Thursday I decided that I wouldn’t make it if I had to write that story right now – the outline wasn’t finished, I kept trying to add characters, and the plot dragged.  So I’ll plot doctor it another time.

In the meantime, for the now yearly event for me, I took a different concept, barely have a plot to work with (though it is formulating well) and am going to end up writing by the seat of my pants.  On the plus side, it is exciting and like the first NaNo novel I finished, it is interesting to me.

So, going to rest up this Halloween, think a lot about twists and turns for this book (I’d like a love interest, but it isn’t forming yet) and after trick or treating with the kids and watching some Ghost Hunters Live shows, I’ll be roaring out of the starting gate ant 12:00 and one second am November 1st!

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