THIS is what I do with my life?!?

Career vs. Job

Okay so the thing back in January fell through, and ’nuff said there. Right after that fell though, I found a course on what I currently do with training and instructional design that I was approved to take.

It has pretty much changed my mindset. With technology, it is always a challenge to keep on the cutting edge and skills and knowledge I used ten years ago don’t apply today. It gets tiring. But with training, I can keep on the cutting edge and just continue to build and learn and expand.

With the course I’ve taken I also have finally felt a sense of belonging: I am not an island unto myself in my company. If I get laid off from here, I’d have to really brush up on my technology knowledge to make a decent resume, while as a trainer, that knowledge has just built. I’m learning the community, which is actually a lot smaller than I expected, but oh so good!

It really feels like a career. Only took me half my life to figure it out. I hope I can stay with it!

(And this does not mean I’m giving up the writing, I still want to get that book published. Work has been so insane the past couple months that I haven’t had a moment to rest, let alone to work on editing.)

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